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Western Mass Career Coaching

"Fern helped me plan and carry out a strategy for career change resulting in a new position that better meets my needs. I was able to secure interviews for positions I wanted and, in the end, I had a choice of positions in two different industries - higher education and healthcare. My new position is in the cutting-edge field of renewable energy and is well-paying and secure. I couldn't have made this transition without Fern’s help."  Karen H., Client Who Achieved a Successful Career Change
Work is a major part of life, yet many people never really get to discuss it. The opportunity to do so can be invaluable. 
We combine skilled career counseling, coaching, and education. Our topics range from career change to managing today's job search and interview challenges. 
We serve all ages, including students, recent graduates, people in the prime of their careers, and mature workers.
Learn more here or contact us for a complimentary 15-minute session.
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