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Webinar and Facilitation Services

"Fern facilitates our highly successful First Time Homebuyer workshop series. I would recommend her consulting services to any firm looking for project management or coordination." ~Joanne C., Former Executive Director, Community Development Corporation

"Fern's presentations were concise, practical, and easy to follow. Fern made tackling the dreaded cover letter and resume less intimidating and overwhelming. Not only did she present what can be dry material in an interesting and captivating way, but she did so by role-modeling her own advice of "hearing a smile" during the "elevator speech" of an interview. If I hadn't been able to see Fern, I still would have known she was smiling throughout her presentations! Thank you, Fern!" ~Elisabeth N., Student, Springfield Department of Public Health, Springfield, MA

"Thank you again for making me look like I'm a genius for asking you!" ~Pat B., Annual Conference Coordinator, Regional Non-Profit Agency

"Fern is a true professional who possesses the ability to connect with people. while she is providing career guidance. On multiple occasions I have spoken with people who attended her workshops, They praised both their content and Fern's style of presentation. Fern does her homework and is truly interested in delivering information based on real-world practices. I would have no hesitation in saying Fern will represent your organization very well." ~Kevin L., Leader, Innovator, Coach-Regional Non-Profit Agency

"Fern Selesnick provided individual and group career advising for adult students entering college. Her initiative and dedication contributed a great deal to our program. She cares deeply about helping individuals reach their potential. Fern is proficient at workshop design, has excellent presentation skills, and is knowledgeable about today's changing labor market and employers' requirements. I highly recommend her." ~Marie T., Program Director, Area Community College

Career Advising and Resume Services

"Fern helped me to see past my obstacles in thinking and by intuitive research and "seek and find", I have been able to narrow down my search to a specific field and I am happy to say that I have gotten accepted at one of the top universities in the country (for my field). Without Fern's help, I am not sure I would have known where to begin. Thank you, Fern!"  ~Patricia D., Public Health Professional

"Fern Selesnick's knowledge, coaching, and mentoring is worth 100 times her hourly rate and is essential to success-minded individuals! HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ~Drew, Small Business Owner Exploring a Career Change

"I had a very positive experience with this resume service. I was trying to change job fields and it was difficult. I worked with Fern and she helped me craft a new resume that worked. I am now employed full-time in my new field (education) and couldn't be happier." ~Karen H., Faculty Assistant, University of Massachusetts

"What I appreciated most about Fern was her ability to understand my personal and professional strengths and dreams. Knowing that she "got me" made it much easier for me to hear, comprehend, and apply her excellent advice." ~Susan L., Research and Data Collection Professional for Private Practice Attorney

"I met with Fern for assistance with updating my resume. Fern was an excellent listener and very skilled in knowing the best wording to use on my resume to present myself and to be selected by job sites. She also was good at taking to get my input as we rewrote my resume. I very much appreciate her professional skills and kindness." ~Judith M., Licensed Certified Social Worker

"You can work magic on a resume! Thanks again!"~Rich B., Veteran Transitioning to Civilian Employment

"Fern helped me develop job-searching strategies, improve my resume, and prepare for job interviews. She has given me excellent support at each stage of my current career transition." ~Adam D., Environmental and College Professor

"I recently met Fern Selesnick to seek out career guidance. I was very interested in her Strong Interest Inventory certification because I wanted to do an occupational assessment. I also wanted to know more about the area’s market trends and needed some practical guidance from a local professional. Fern provided me with very detailed insight regarding my occupation and career interests. She took the extra time and effort to review my Strong profile and offered suggestions for further action and planning. It was a pleasure working with Fern to develop a game plan. I appreciated her knowledge and ability to relate my background and interests to potential career options. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn more about themselves through professional coaching and development."  Richard C., Manager, Hospitality Industry

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