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Job Search 

Job search has changed tremendously in recent years. Today's strategies require effective online applications, skilled networking, and knowing the occupations most likely to offer employment.

Coaching is available in individual or multiple 60-minute sessions. Select any of the topics below or contact us for a customized advisinag package.

  • Applying Online-Important "How To's"
  • Age Discrimination
  • Career Change
  • Networking
  • Employment Trends
  • Occupational Research
  • Strategies!

Single or multiple 60-90 minute sessions. Contract required. Learn about our Fees and Payment Options.

Contact us for more details.

Pricing and Discounts: $75-$125/hr.; $60/Hr. Students, Recent Grads, Retirees*

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept checks, cash, and Venmo. Contact us learn more.

* We're sorry but we can't combine discounts if you're already receiving a reduced rate. Student and recent graduate discounts are for individuals at the start of their careers and/or for degrees awarded within the last two years.

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