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Editing Services *

Strengthen Your Presentation!

Do you have a strong document that just needs some polish? Consider our editing services. Contact us for a complimentary quote.

Proofreading. $35/Hr. Two-hour minimum.

A light editing job to correct your document's appearance, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting.

Medium to Heavy Editing. $45/Hr. Two-hour minimum.

Revises current content to improve writing flow, writing style, clarity, and accuracy. (Includes corrections to appearance, grammar, punctuation, and formatting.)

New Material. $50/Hr. Two-hour minimum.

Combines heavy editing with newly written content. Includes topic research and matching content to document instructions when applicable.

Collaborative Editing Meetings. Sliding Scale: $60-$100/Hr.($50/Hr. Students, Recent Grads, Retirees)

  • In Person Minimum: One hour
  • Minimum Phone Session: 30 minutes
  • Available In Person or by Phone

* All services are prepaid and include a written contract.

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