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 Students and Recent Graduates 
 Important First Steps Your Career!
Resume Writing Gold. Beginning at $99*
When you're just starting out, a strong resume is essential. We'll identify your skills and strengths for an impressive first presentation!
  • Up to two, 60-minute, collaborative meetings
  • Up to two drafts
  • Your finished resume will be ready for online applications, email, and print (includes instructions)

Economy Options: Resume Coaching and Critiques. A money saver for skilled writers! Receive detailed feedback and customized strategies for today's competitive application process. Services include our written guide, "21 Tips for 21st Century Resumes" and instructions for applying online.
  • Resume Critique I. 60-90-minute feedback meeting(s) in person or by phone. Discounted Student Fee: $50/hr.*
  • Resume Critique II-Combo Pack. Combines a detailed, 60-90-minute feedback meeting with a comprehensive written report. Discounted Student Meeting Fee: $50/hr. Added Report Fee: $35.00*
  • Polishing Service. Available after you revise your resume. We'll complete the finishing touches! Includes formatting for online applications, final accuracy corrections, and an upgraded, professional design. $30/Hr.*

* Fees may be adjusted based on writing needs or when original documents exceed two pages. All services are prepaid and include a written contract. Resume critiques require an emailed copy of your resume in PDF or MS Word.

Cover Letters. Beginning at $60*
Employers look for a cover letter with every resume, so be sure to include this essential document with every application! Let us help you complete your package. 
  • 30-minute phone meeting
  • One accuracy draft
  • Finished letter in Microsoft Word and PDF
  • Tips sheet to use and adapt your letter each job!

* Fees may be adjusted based on writing needs. All services are prepaid and include a written contract

Thinking About Your Career? We provide skilled advising, career counseling, and coaching on career decisions, effective interviews, and job search strategies.