Fern Selesnick Consulting - ~ What To Expect - Hatfield, MA
What To Expect
How Our Resume Packages Work

Schedule a Planning Session
  1. We'll ask for a copy of your resume (if available).
  2. We'll discuss your questions and resume needs. 
  3. You'll receive customized recommendations and costs in writing.*
  4. One-time, 15-minute calls are free.
  5. 60-minute (fee based) planning sessions are recommended for career change, complex work histories, or to clarify goals and strategies.
  6. All services are confidential.

If You Want To Proceed
  1. You'll receive a "Next Steps Checklist" on how to begin. Steps may include sending us some sample job postings and/or completing a simple questionnaire.
  2. We'll each sign a contract and you'll be invoiced online.
  3. All writing services are prepaid. We accept most major credit cards, debit cards, checks, money orders, and cash. You can pay online or by mail.

Working Together To Meet Your Goals
  1. Your resume will be customized to your needs and will highlight your professional strengths and experience.
  2. We'll write multiple drafts "to get it right" and we'll request your final approval before sending you a finished product. 
  3. We'll format your resume for online, email, and hard copy applications. Learn more here.
  4. We can meet in person or by phone. Our schedule's flexible and we're always available for questions.
  5. Our guiding principles are quality, courtesy, and respect. We'll work creatively and collaboratively to meet your resume needs and to provide you with a positive experience!

* Fees are adjusted for original documents that exceed two pages and for additional writing needs. Virtual Services discount begins with Resume Gold II.