Fern Selesnick Consulting - ~ How Our Services Work - Hatfield, MA
Western Mass Career Coaching
How Our Services Work

I  Schedule an Initial Phone Call
  • We think people should be able to speak with a career advisor before "signing on", so we schedule a free, introductory 15-minute call to discuss services. Prior to speaking, we'll request a copy of your resume (if one is available). 

  • We'll explain our services, answer questions, and discuss how we might be of assistance.

  • If you'd like to proceed, we'll schedule a full session and send a contract before services begin.

II  Meet with Us!
  • Meetings are 60 minutes in person, by phone, or through Skype. Sessions are customized to your needs and topics range from career decisions to interview or job search coaching.

  • Some people request "homework" and we provide reading, reflection, and research assignments. Others prefer working on things at meetings only and that's fine too.

  • In all cases, our guiding principles are quality, courtesy, and respect. We work creatively and collaboratively to meet each client's needs.

  • Payments are due at the time of service except for a Strong Interest Inventory (a formal assessment tool to identify your career interests). In that case, we'll request payment in advance.

  • All services require a signed contract.

III  Courtesy Follow Up
After each session, you'll receive a customized summary of key discussion points and next steps. (There's no added fee for this service-it's provided to assist you in moving forward.)